Hellenic society Malta

Place: Saint Albert the Great College, Valetta Date: 22 October 2017
Total Number of Participants: 30


  1. Presentation on the procedure followed so far regarding the establishment of the HSM
  2. Issues to be discussed and to be subject for public vote
  3. Election Committee
  4. Timeline for Elections

The 1st General Assembly Meeting was held on 22/10/2017 in Saint Albert the Great College in Valetta. The participation in the first General Assembly was below the required standard at 11:30 a.m., therefore a 2nd General Assembly was held on the same day, half an hour later as was announced with 30 participants out of the 86 registered and valid members.

  1. A presentation on the procedure followed so far for the establishment of the HSM was done by the President of the HSM George Mantas to the members. A briefing on the economic and memberships status followed by the treasurer of the HSM Karagiannidis Paris. The total number of the registered members is 86.
  2. The following issues were discussed and were subject to public vote:
  • Offers for bookkeeping: The members were informed that two offers were received from two different companies (GMX and Mr. Steve Galea) and were asked to decide which offer they prefer. The offer of GMX was 400 Euro while the offer of Mr. Galea 250 Euro. The outcome was in favour of GMX by 27 vote mainly due to the fact that the services of 2017 were provided pro bono by GMX and the offer for 2018 includes also further than accounting services (such as legal etc).
  • External Auditor: It was unanimously adopted that an external auditor will be hired only in case the revenues of the HSM will be above 5000 Euro. It should be noted that the above decision will be applicable only in case that this is allowed by the commissioner or the law. Our legal advisors will confirm if this change in the Stature is feasible.
  • Honorary members: It was unanimously adopted that Mr. Pantelis Mairegkas and Mr. Georgios Sklivaniotis will be announced as honorary members. However, the same will not apply in the case of the people representing the Greek Embassy in Malta (23 votes against).
  • Change of the Statue: The possibility of changing some of the clauses of the statue was also discussed. It was agreed that for the moment no changes will be made. However, in the future it was suggested that the clause referring to the number of people representing the Board of HSM should change to include seven (7) people instead of five (5).
  • Extension of the deadline for nominations for the elections: It was suggested and finally adopted unanimously to extend the deadline only for that day for accepting more nominations for the upcoming elections. The nominations were the following eight: Iasonidou Thomai, Kalopita Vasliki, Karagiannidis Paris, Mantas Georgios, Marantidis Enrico Petros, Nakos Charalambos, Rouvelas Georgios and Stathopoulou Katerina.
  1. Three volunteers were asked to participate as members of the Election Committee. These are the following members: Nikolaos Sarris, Vasileios Spanos and Thomi Kormostinou. The General Meeting agreed to pay up to 60-75 Euro for the F&B of the Election Committee in the Elections day.
  2. The timeline for the upcoming elections was discussed. It was announced that elections will take place on the 12/11/2017 at Hotel Juliani from 12:00 to 18:00 p.m. Only registered members will be allowed to vote upon presentation of documentation with photo that proves the name of member for reconciliation purposes. The total number of the votes will be up to five (5) as per the number of the BoD members.

Νέο ΔΣ της Κοινότητας

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