Hellenic society Malta

Dear Members and Friends of the HSM,

We are happy to inform you that Greek courses will commence on Saturday 3rd of November in St Ġorg Preca College Valletta Primary School (Merchants Street Valletta VLT 1178). The children will be divided into three levels according to their age and knowledge of language (beginners & elementary, intermediate, advanced). Juniors up to 5 years old falling under the first level will start at 10.30 am up to 12.00 pm whereas the other two groups - the one for children aged 6 up to 9 and the other for children from 9 up to 12 -will start at 12.00 am and finish at 13.30 pm. There will be an optional class for Greek History and Mythology starting at 11.00 am for 1 hour available only for advanced children.

The cost will depend on the number of students, since we are a non profit voluntary organisation, and will cost for the 1st term from November till January 105 Euro, and if you are not a member of the Hellenic Society of Malta 125 Euro, per child for the 3 months period. The optional History classes will cost an extra 30 euro for the whole term. Kindly bear in mind that all classes are prepaid for the whole term.

The classes will start

on the 3rd November finishing on 26th of January 2019. (There will be a 2 weeks break during Xmas period).

The interested parents kindly send us your children's name, telephone number, email and the class you are interested (Greek A, B or C and History) at info@hellenicsocietymalta.com by Wednesday 31st October 2018. Registration forms and payments will be made on the 3rd November just before the start of the classes.

We would like hereby to inform all members and friends that for this term the Greek Lesson prices are slightly reduced, compared to last term, as the firms InterTaxAudit (ITA Malta) & Vassilaides & Co (Malta) Limited sponsored part of the school expenses for the first Term.

The Board of Directors of the HSM would like to thank the two firms once again for their support and help. More information regarding ITA & Vassiliades & Co Limited will be available in our site hellenicsocietymalta.com later this week.


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